Cornerstone Church of Littlerock presents

VBS   2020


But... HOW?


Drive Thru VBS!

What is it? When your family is in the car, waiting in line, very excited, and moving up just a little bit every six minutes, for about 48 minutes?  No!! It’s not the Chick-fil-A drive-thru line! Even better! It’s the Big Fish Bay Drive-Thru Vacation Bible School!


When? Every Wednesday night July 22 through August 19th , from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.   


But... HOW?


Picture this: you pile into the car and come to the church parking lot.  You get in line and every six minutes you move through the Big Fish Bay docks... while remaining in your car!   


Here’s a sneak peek of what might be waiting for you on the docks!


  • Attendance – Child/ren will be handed tokens for attendance and guest(s) brought.

  • Crafts – Pre-prepared Crafts in baggies will be handed out by gloved workers

  • Memory verse  -  A memory verse will be taught and handed out each week. The previous week's memory verse will be said for tokens and a new verse given.

  • Story – The story of Jonah and God’s Mercy!  A different story every week.

  • Puppet Show – View a puppet show while you sit in your car!  Look out all the windows!

  • Snacks/Evangelism – Prepackaged snacks will be handed out by gloved workers and the good news of salvation presented.

  • Games – Carnival games and obstacle courses.  (Ok, you’ll have to get out of your car for this! But we'll still stay within safety guidelines!)

  • Music – Learn a song and hand motions every week.

  • Prizes, Packets, and Goodbyes -  We will hand out take-home packets, a weekly prize for being there, and then, we will look forward to seeing you the next week!


When the Big Fish Bay Fog Horn Blows, off you go to the next dock!

Every station takes 6 minutes for a total of 48 minutes of fun!  


You do not need to register your children in advance , but it sure would be helpful! 

Please register here!

VBS 2020 Drive Thru
VBS 2020 Drive Thru
VBS 2020 Drive Thru
VBS 2020 Drive Thru