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Sunday School

Our Sunday School is a time where both adults and youth gather to learn about various topics, themes, and engage in the books of the Bible with a detail-oriented approach! We encourage you to join us at the times below!


Generations Adult Sunday School

Join us in Generations at 10:45 after service as we go through an overview of each book of the Bible! We are currently in the New Testament! It is taught by a rotation of our Elders, giving a dynamic way of learning each book! Hope to see you there!


Encouragers Adult Sunday School

Join us in The Encouragers adult Sunday School at 8am before the main service. We will be continuing our series in Hebrews with Gary Wotasik leading. Hope to see you there!


Youth Sunday School

Youth join us from 10:45 to 11:45 after service as we continue overviewing each book of the bible! we are halfway through the Old Testament! Jesse and Brenda Heckathorn are guiding us through discussion and study! 


Childrens Sunday School

In Childrens Sunday School this spring we are going through the "All Together Now" series being led by Dan Mcleod. Pre-School through 6th Grade is welcomed to join! 

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